1. 履行使命




因为Principia是一个建立在爱和原则之上的机构, we desire to create additional opportunities to encounter and engage with faith in our community grounded in Christian Science. 当澳门顶级官方赌场努力体现精神的果实, we will be deliberate and intentional about creating activities and a healthy environment that guides and supports those who study, 工作, 住在Principia.

Principia will support making Christian Science more relevant for today’s students wherever they are in their personal journeys.


1.1. 个人修行: Support individual spiritual practices that nurture “the spiritualization of thought and Christianization of daily life.” (S&H p. 272: 19-20)

1.2. 社区精神实践: 支持加强和深化真实性的社区实践, 订婚, 以及让澳门顶级官方赌场更好地“爱人”的技巧(马太福音22:39)。.

1.3. 包含: Develop activities and vocabulary designed to foster stronger inclusion and awareness of exclusionary behavior and communication. 识别和纠正社区可能存在的障碍,增强归属感.

2. 入学人数增长



The desire to grow the student enrollments and more fully utilize the campus resources is a shared goal between the School and College, 尽管他们会以不同的方式接近这个目标. We will actively seek to attract students from throughout the world who are interested in being part of a learning community grounded in Christian Science values.

Any new outreach and admission processes will be governed by the concepts included in the Trustee’s statement of August 2019, 题目是“扩大帐篷”, 加强赌注.“为了在当今世界更好地履行校长的使命, the enhanced student 招聘 efforts will be designed to maximize the enrollments of Christian Science students while also exploring new markets for students open to a deeper 订婚 with Christian Science.

2021-22学年开始, the institution will establish total new student recruiting and enrolling target goals each year of 115 to 135 in PreK to 12 at the School and 125 to 145 at the College, 同时在两个校区保持较高的学生保留率. Enrollment goals will be reevaluated each year to better ensure progress toward the 战略计划’s broader enrollment profile goals and budget targets We will treat the target goals to the extent they include new market students as a pilot for the initial phase, 在此期间不考虑任何政策变动.

The annual process and outcomes reviews will allow campus leadership and the 受托人 to closely evaluate the impact of the new recruiting and enrollment practices on the culture and character of the Principia experience. These regular assessments will guide practice adjustments and provide for a continual improvement cycle for the new marketing and student support services going forward.

基于目前的教育结构, the optimal enrollments for programmatic and financial sustainability are between 500 and 600 students at the School and between 525 and 545 residential students at the College. 除了, the College may explore new online and post-baccalaureate programs to serve the broader Christian Science community.


2.1. 传统基督教科学本科生: Update enrollment plans to better maximize the enrollment of Christian Science students and utilize campus resources.

2.2. 不同的大学生: 制定一个招生多样性计划,定义期望的学生概况,并创造新的推广, 招聘, 以及针对每个新生市场的保留计划. 如果试点计划获得批准,将制定一项单独的计划.

2.3. 基督教科学团体的成年人: Explore the need for and feasibility of offering post-baccalaureate programs that meet the identified learning and 专业发展 goals of the broader Christian Science community. 最初的项目将以现有的终身学习项目为基础, 利用网上配送资源, 并与当前的教师能力保持一致.

3. 提高参与



澳门顶级官方赌场将重新构想学生的体验,以提高他们在高影响力实践中的参与度. 澳门顶级官方赌场期望这一目标将提高学生的技能发展, 的态度, 能力需要是有生产力的, 为社区成员做出贡献,为劳动力和毕业后的成功做好准备.


3.1. 职业准备: Create a comprehensive student career development program across the institution that connects and integrates student employment, 职业生涯, 学者, 和校友.

3.2. 校园生活质量: 重新设想校园生活规划的质量(生活技能), 健康的关系, 弹性的技能, 工作和生活的平衡, 金融知识).

3.3. 全球公民: Create and facilitate opportunities to cultivate students’ international 订婚 and intercultural competencies needed to thrive in a diverse, 多元文化的世界.

4. 实践可持续发展

Strengthen and continually improve Principia's organizational sustainability through innovative and active stewardship of its human, 生态, 财政资源.


Principia将扩大其对可持续性的承诺. 作为一个学习型社区和教育机构, we have the responsibility to demonstrate sustainable practices and education to our community by balancing stewardship of its resources across the three pillars of sustainability (social, 生态, 经济).

Our goal is to meet the needs of the existing Principia community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We seek to demonstrate social sustainability by nurturing Principia's human resources through active support of 工作人员 and faculty 订婚. 支持生态可持续性, 澳门顶级官方赌场积极谨慎地管理本公司的自然资源, 包括其重要的土地和水资源, 通过对基础设施的明智设计和维护. Using best practices create a long-term financial plan that implements sound fiscal protocols so that we exercise "wisdom, 经济, 以及兄弟般的爱”,以确保Principia的财务未来得以维持.


4.1. 人力资本 & 社会公平: 积极推广Principia作为可持续发展社区的愿景, 通过重视人力资本,强调教师和员工的参与, 专业发展, 以及整个运营过程中的社会公平, 行政, 以及学术景观.

4.2. 生态/环境可持续性: Actively promote the use of best practices in Principia's stewardship of its natural resources by implementing actions that facilitate achieving zero waste and carbon neutrality that are sustainable in terms of food and campus infrastructure, 这将使澳门顶级官方赌场的生态足迹最小化.

4.3. 经济/金融可持续性: Actively promote the vision of Principia as a fiscally resilient community by developing a long-term economic strategy that includes financial initiatives that balance short and long-term revenue against expenses.

7. 推进 & 改善学术体验

推进 academic excellence by enhancing opportunities for Principia College to be a dynamic community of thought leaders, 独立的思想家, 终身学习者.


澳门顶级官方赌场致力于培养和吸引澳门顶级官方赌场的学生成为未来的领导者. We recognize that educating future leaders requires a commitment to faculty and 工作人员 skill development, 研究, 创造性的工作, 体验式学习, 以及提高学生的学术参与度. 澳门顶级官方赌场相信一个积极参与的学生团体, 工作人员, 教师将促进学术卓越和充满活力的社区.


7.1. 采用最佳实践: 不断评估和改进澳门顶级官方赌场的学术课程. Use intentionality and integration of the curriculum to better meet the needs of current and upcoming student populations.

7.2. 提高学生参与度: 有意在整个学术经历中为学生提供更多参与的机会.

7.3. 教师发展: 增加对正规教师发展的支持.